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Daniel Hughes SUP Surfing Slo-Mo

In this clip of Daniel Hughes SUP surfing, he shows us some serious skills in slow motion.

It’s amazing what technique you can pick up watching in slow motion. Watch how Daniel generates speed in the first clips. He is riding high on the wave face and using his heel and toe pressure to generate speed along the wave. His knees compress and extend as he moves across the wave, and watch where he does the movement. Try the next time to get speed on the wave.

Watching where Daniel places his turns is very exciting to watch as well. He is always turning in the pocket of the wave, or closest to the whitewater, which is where all of the power is in a wave so he continually has speed when exiting a manoeuvre.

His paddle changes are quick and effortless too.

Awesome SUP surfing.

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QR: Daniel Hughes SUP Surfing Slo-Mo

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