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Readers Video Breakdown ‘Long Distance SUP Racing’

In this Readers Video Breakdown, we have Lou who is transitioning from touring to racing and wants some tips on how to paddle faster for longer. This Readers Video Breakdown has before and after clips to show you how beneficial video analysis is to improving your technique. Lou sent clips in 6 months ago and […]

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Bastien Donze
Bastien Donze(@bastiend)
6 days ago

This was an excellent watch – thanks Beau. And congrats to your Mom!

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert(@jonnyhsl)
2 days ago

That was some really good improvements 🙂
As your mum is specifically training for Sup racing, there is one thing i’d add to her program.
swapping sides smoothly without breaking the rhythm of your stroke.
A nice way to practice this is by doing short runs swapping sides after every stroke,
So as you Release, you swap your hands through the reach, ready for catch phase.
Getting this down as smooth as possible, just keeps that board moving forwards.
keep up the Great work 🙂

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