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Improving Your Balance – CoolBoard

CoolBoard is a balance board that aims to improve your balance and strengthen your body. We've been using one for a while at SUPboarder, and think they're a great way to help improve your paddling.

No wonder Reuben and Will are wizards on any equipment they ride! They both use balance tools on land to help improve their overall fitness and balance for when they hit the water. Once of these tools is a CoolBoard. In a recent video, we encouraged you to improve your balance both on and off the water and featured in the video was the use of a balance board.

Let’s learn more about the CoolBoard from the brand itself.

** Press Release: CoolBoard

Want to take your SUPing to the next level?  Hit the waves? Take your first paddles with confidence?  Some home training will help and can be fun.

SUPing isn’t just a pleasurable pastime, it’s a sport that works your whole body from head to toe, constantly calling on your balance and core strength – so SUPing will do you a lot of good – and on the flipside some training will do your SUPing a lot of good.

Here at CoolBoard we’ve been honing the world’s best balance boards for over a decade to give you just that, a full body workout that focusses on core strength and balance, as well as a blast in your own living room!

CoolBoard is different from other balance boards, it uniquely offers full 3D movement by balancing on a Ball, where as other balance boards can only go side to side on a Roller.  This ‘simple’ evolution is a revolution for core and balance training.  

Think about the movement, think how your body, balance and mind will react to control it – this is the beauty of CoolBoard and it brings many many benefits.  Sounds difficult?  Like SUPing it’s a little shock to begin with, but its amazing how quickly you’ll start getting it, and because its so much fun you’ll keep at it!  Want to start easy?  Its a doddle to get going on the Easy Start Balance Disc.

You can use CoolBoard gently or dynamically, for standing balance or the amazingly effective core exercises.  Use it in your living room while you watch telly, or by the car to wake your muscles before you hit the water, you can use it almost anywhere.

Whatever your SUPing ability here’s why every SUPer should be using a CoolBoard…

1, Its All About Balance

The better your balance, the better your SUPing will be.  Your SUP wobbles in all directions, and uniquely for balance trainers, so does CoolBoard, making it the only balance board for SUP.  

You can start easy on the fully adjustable Disc so CoolBoard will only tilt.  Then progress to the full magic of balancing on the Ball when you’re ready – now not only tilting in all directions, it slides everywhere as well, honing your balance like nothing else.  You can use your paddle while balancing for more functional SUP training.

2, Core Strength & Stabilisation

Key to a strong paddle stroke is a strong and stabilised core.  Your core is the powerhouse of your body, where all movement starts, the base of your support and connects your arms to your legs.  ‘Core’ has been the buzz word and focus in the fitness industry for over a decade for good reason!

A good strong core will enable you to power through your paddle stroke, utilising the strength in your shoulders, arms and legs, and harmonising them into one strong and fluid movement.  And if your board gets off balance a strong core will let you right it while keeping the power on.

Standing on a CoolBoard will have your core constantly firing while you control the 3D movement.  Try the CoolBoard exercises and you’ll know about it.  That unique 3D movement forces your core into action and works it harder than anything else.

For SUP specific workouts we recommend the CoolBoard sliding plank, push-up, dips and pelvic rise.  These are all on the Workout Wall Chart that comes with all CoolBoards.

3, Injury & Avoiding It

The more you push your SUPing the more likely you are to get an injury.  Rehabilitation is crucial to recovering from injury.  Prehabilitation trains your body to avoid injury in the first place.  Both work the same areas of your fitness, and we say prehab is better than rehab!

Physios will tell you there are 4 components to success …

A, Core strength – we covered this one – get using CoolBoard!

B, Joint Stabilisers – these are all the little muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround and support your joints – knees, ankles, spine – all joints have them and they keep each joint working as it should.  Most injuries involve these stabilisers, and once again, introducing instability is a good way to strengthen them.

C, Proprioception – this is your body’s sixth sense – its innate knowledge of where it is and what its trying to do.  Weak proprioception will make injury much more likely, and using a balance board is known to strengthen your proprioception.

D, Sticking to your rehab/prehab regime.  This is actually the most important factor.  Put simply, if you don’t do your rehabilitation, you won’t rehabilitate!!  Physiotherapists love the effectiveness of CoolBoard for all the reasons above, but what they love most is that it’s enjoyable to use, so you’ll stick to your regime and get better!

So whatever your ability, and however you want to SUP, spending some time on a CoolBoard balance board will help…. And it will give you a lot of fun from the warmth of your own home.

And its not just for SUP, CoolBoard can help you in many ways – its great for all board sports, for all sports in fact, can help you rehabilitate after injury, and even keep your grandmum in top condition!  

There’s no better time to grab a CoolBoard.

Do you have a balance board or CoolBoard? Please get in touch and let us know if it has improved your paddling.

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