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Crossover – Hybrid SUP Board Test 2021 / SUPboarder PRO Head To Head

This is our first SUPboarder PRO head to head test of a fairly new category of SUP to the market, the Crossover – Hybrid – ‘All-round’ – Multidiscipline boards. This test highlights the uses of these board and informs you of the benefits in having a board that can do it all.

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2 months ago

Only one observation guys, it’s about your comments ref putting the bungee chords on the front of the Hypr. Having seen your vid, which are great as usual, I have to say that I see the point on not having the bungees on the front of the hypr. As you rightly say it’s a low ride and low volume, so in effect when downwinding and getting the nose dunked I think In this case the load on the bungee would act as a brake and risks you being thrown head first. What do you think? Being lower volume and having… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
2 months ago
Reply to  AlexT1974

Hey Alex. yes you are right the lower volume nose wouldn’t work as well with the weight on it and really no good in surf or downwinding. But on flat water it would be doable. I feel this board could be thickened up a bit in the front section to make it work well in these conditions but understand that would change the feel of the board in other ways.
Good comment.

Alex Trinidad
Alex Trinidad
1 month ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

I think there are plans to unleash a thicker volume Hypr Gun (called a gun XL) with bigger volume and thicker rails but same bottom shape more suited to this test, however I doubt that Hypr will put any bungees on the front as it’s not their style. Would be great to see this model tested next year if it is released soon. It’s going to be hollow Carbon so it will be light too. Can’t wait to see it and hope to see you test it too.


2 months ago

Great review yet again. Pity Sunova doesn’t want to get involved they’ve got a couple of boards that would’ve really fitted in. Anyways I know you were trying to steer away from rankings but I’m interested in the surf abilities of these boards, specifically the JP and Generation as the Hypr isn’t available in Oz. The outline and rocker and tail tends to point towards the JP and I think it’s extra width would also be an advantage in the open ocean environment at a guess. As well as downwinding, I’m aiming to paddle out and surf out wide bommies… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
2 months ago
Reply to  backbeach

Hey Martin I would probably go towards the Gen if you want to get on the waves super early. The JP does turn better on a wave, but if you are just pick off a few big ones and riding shoulders the Gen would be my chosen weapon. But I will get Beau to add his comments too.

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