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Honu Boards Launch in USA

Expanding their reach, Honu Boards have launched their products and services in the USA.

We knew it was coming, it had to be coming. In our previous reviews of the Honu iSUPs we were impressed with their products but they were only available in Australia. Well now customers in the USA can jump on board and buy directly from Honu in the United States.

Honu was born among the curling waves of Bondi Beach, Australia.  After 20 years of being a well known and loved Australian SUP brand, Honu now has a new warehouse based in Salt Lake City UT. Honu want their American customers to enjoy the same Honu experience as Australians, which includes their 2+2 warranty program where your board is covered for 2 years manufacturing faults and if you register your board (which we recommend you do) you get an additional 2 years of free repairs. Honu provide this guarantee because they understand their boards are an investment and want you to own products that are long-lasting and durable as part of their mission to reduce environmental impact. The longer your gear can last, the less waste we produce for our environment.  It really is a win-win. Their USA based repair centre is based in Melbourne, Florida.

Honu are also committed to the environment, donating 1% of every sale to preserving the ocean & environment we love so much and go further by participating in an annual pledge to environmental groups, volunteering hours for staff to commit to important causes and working towards green packaging for all of their products. Honu remains committed to continuing to implement the best environmental practices in the industry to benefit our fragile environment on which we all depend for our livelihood.

So if you are based in the USA check out

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