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An Armstrong foil range overview / SUPs, Foils and Wings

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Over the last year we've heard many of you talking about how happy you are with your Armstrong foils and boards, so it's been great to have the chance to have a go on what this passionate New Zealand brand have to offer.

We’ve had an Armstrong sweet shop of foiling gear to play with over the last month, and it’s been lots of fun! The man behind the brand, Armie Armstrong has always come across in various online videos as a straight up guy who really knows what should be happening under your feet. So we were really intrigued to see how these foils and boards really performed.

In a previous SUPboarder Pro Wing test we did test the 5.5m A Wing from Armstrong, but in this video we also got to have a go on the smaller 4.5m Wing which was a very well balanced wing that felt light and grunty for its size. But for us the magic of the range was really in the boards and foils that all seem to have one common thread between them… No matter whether you’re riding the smooth CF range, the fast HS foils or the super light boards, they’re all very easy to use regardless of their sizes and uses.

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Find out more about Armstrong and their range on their website

Suggested foils for wingers and SUP surfers

Wing and SUP boards and straps

Wings and bar

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Marc Alfaro
Marc Alfaro
3 years ago

Awesome review! Thanks!! Another board to add to all the possibilities!

3 years ago

Thanks for the review.. been riding the 5’11 armstrong for sup foiling and now winging for a few months now and love it (I weigh 90kg). Just one question for winging.. noticed you cant really put two front foot straps offset for winging. I see in the videos you are just putting one centre front strap. Is that working for you in Jibing? Also for sup foiling its generally better to put the rear strap offset of mid and the front strap offset of mid, I cant really find a way to do that as the front strap angle is… Read more »

Alex Arnold
Alex Arnold
3 years ago

Hi, thank you for all your help getting started, I/we have spent hours watching supboarder videos and are looking to get some more kit to share between us (my brother, gf and me) at the moment are sharing armstrong wingfoiling SUP 5’11 and a CF 2400 (85cm mast, 70cm fuselage) Board: My brother and I are 85kg, gf is 55kg, thinking of getting the 5’5 for the gf in normal wind and me in stronger wind, what do you think the next board should be for us all to have the most fun and be able to use in the… Read more »

Alex Arnold
Alex Arnold
3 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Perfect thank you, we want to learn asap with good gybes, I’ve tried, so far unsuccessfully to go for the foiling switch stance gybes but I don’t think it’ll be long now. I’ve been emailing Armstrong, as there’s no CF1600 on their site anymore, apparently, the CF1600 has been superseded by HS1550 v1 (seems they basically moved the HS v1 over to the CF range), so we’re leaning towards going for the HS1550 v2 and try the fyling V tail wing

Chuck Waite
Chuck Waite
2 years ago

That’s some gorgeous kit. For an intro foil would the CF1200 be too small for me (65kg-69kg with wetsuit, etc.)? Or should I not jump the queue and stick with something like the CF1600? Also it looks like Armstrong has replaced the CF1600 with this:

A little confusing.

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QR: An Armstrong foil range overview / SUPs, Foils and Wings

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