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2021 GB SUP Racing Series

GBSUP have released their 2021 dates for the National Series of SUP Racing in the UK.

If you’re keen to get involved with SUP Racing in the UK this year, then the National Series of SUP racing events held by GBSUP are the ones to look out for.

Here’s the list of upcoming events;

  1. Cardiff Distance Race & Festival – 2nd May, 2021: Flat Water Race 1
  2. Central SUP – 22nd May, 2021: Flat Water Race 2
  3. N1SCO Racing Championship – 31st May, 2021: Naish ONE Inflatable Event
  4. BOTT – 12th June, 2021: Flat Water Race 3
  5. Battle Of The Bay – 26th June, 2021: Ocean Race 1
  6. Celtic Cup – 3rd – 4th July, 2021: Ocean Race 2
  7. Beadnell Belta – 21st August, 2021: Ocean Race 3

All of these events are tentative because of the COVID-19 situation. For the full list of events from GBSUP, click here.

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