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APP World Tour Releases Provisional 2021 SUP Schedule

The APP World Tour has released provisional dates for the 2021 SUP racing and SUP surfing world tour events.

The APP World Tour is proud to announce its provisional schedule for the 2021 season that will once again bring the World’s best SUP Athletes together for what promises to be a dramatic year of action hosted in some of the World’s most high profile Cities and exotic venues.

After a frustrating and uncertain year for global sports in general, the APP has been working closely with all host Cities to develop the right strategy for delivering both World Class action from the World’s very best Athletes, but also unique, bucket list experiences mixed with participation opportunities for all.

The APP has also proactively developed a well thought out protocol for managing any impact that the Coronavirus pandemic might continue to have through 2021 to ensure that the show can, and will go on.

The provisional schedule for 2021 is detailed below, with the final confirmed line up to be released as planned on 4th December, what would have been the opening day of the 2020 Paris SUP Open:

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu – Surf 1: 11th – 23rd February (what will be possible with this event is still very uncertain due to permit and travel restrictions, and a final call / decision will be made by November 19th, 3 months prior to the proposed event date)
  2. Spain – Race 1: 14th – 16th May
  3. Denmark – Race 2: 22nd – 24th May
  4. United Kingdom – Race 3: 30th July – 1st August
  5. Switzerland – Race 4: 6th – 8th August
  6. French Polynesia – Surf 2: 11th – 18th September
  7. Japan – Race 5: 24th – 26th September
  8. California, USA – Race 6: 1st – 3rd October
  9. Maui, Hawaii – Race 7: 14th – 17th October
  10. Barbados – Surf 3: 9th – 14th November
  11. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Surf 4: 19th – 28th November
  12. Paris, France – Race 8: 3rd – 5th December


Sunset Beach, Oahu

While the traditional World Tour Opener at Sunset Beach, on Oahu’s North Shore is still in the balance due to restrictions on permitting and concerns surrounding event activities during this time, we are still working through the process to find a solution and deliver a spectacular show once again in February of 2021. As mentioned above, we will make a formal announcement on this by November 13th to provide plenty of lead time for athletes to plan and prepare.

French Polynesia

Meanwhile, the APP is excited to include French Polynesia into the provisional line up of events for 2021, a venue that has been firmly embedded at the heart of the World Tour since its inception. Having hosted the very first exhibition event for the Tour back in 2009, Tahiti went on to host 3 spectacular years of back to back World Tour events from 2010 – 2012 that saw some of the most spectacular action the Tour has ever seen, coupled with unforgettable and emotional performances.

From Aussie powerhouse Dave Muir’s breakout win in 2010, to Frenchman, Peyo Lizarazu’s emotional victory in 2011, which was then followed by a win by 2018 World Champion Sean Poynter in 2012. A return to Tahiti in 2015 then saw Hawaii’s Zane Schweitzer take center stage with his first, well deserved win on the APP World Tour (outside of exhibition events).

Whatever happens, it will be a welcomed return to the Islands in 2021, with a hotbed of local talent that is led by the current World Champion, Poenaiki Raioha, and a whole host of legends in the wings waiting for their chance to take down the best of the best on their home turf (Vetea ‘Poto’ David, Arsene Harehoe and Patrice Chanzy to mention just a few, but the talent runs deep in Tahiti).


In 2019, Barbados was widely heralded as one of the very best events on Tour by the Athletes, providing stunning conditions, a unique arena and an unparalleled welcome from the local community. We are excited to continue our legacy in Barbados with the support of the Barbados Tourism (BTMI) and bring the Tour back to this magnificent jewel in the Caribbean.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2020 would have been its 3rd year, but the event was postponed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but the event has fast become one of the favorites on Tour, delivering World Class action, a great environment for athletes and spectators alike and an easy winter getaway to take advantage of the Island’s beautiful weather.

As with previous years, the Gran Canaria Pro-Am will be the Final event of the season, where the 2021 Men’s and Women’s World Champions will be crowned.

2021 ‘Dream Tour’

As a result, 2021 will provide a ‘dream tour’ scenario, with 4 World Class Waves to challenge the World’s very best SUP Surfers, as the gauntlet will once again be thrown down and the quest for the Title will be on. Stay tuned for the update on Sunset Beach and the formal release of the 2021 schedule on the 4th December at and @appworldtour


The evolution of the APP’s City Paddle Festival concept will come into its own in 2021, as the high profile and iconic City Venues will provide the perfect arena for participation at every level, a Festival experience and a dynamic sporting spectacle like no other. More will follow on each of the events on the Official Launch early December, but here is a snapshot of the Racing Tour:

Opening Leg: Spain and Denmark (May)

Kicking off in Spain in May, the Tour will then head north to Denmark for race number two: both new and dramatically beautiful, bucket list venues for this opening leg of the Tour that should set the scene perfectly for what is to come through the year.

2nd Leg: UK & Switzerland (August)

The second leg then heads back to the UK for a welcomed return in 2021 and an exciting new venue that will provide an unparallaled experience for everyone from Pros down to entry level participants, while Switzerland will match that all access appeal and provide an equally stunning backdrop for participants and spectators alike.

Asia (September)

It will then be a return to Osaka, Japan for the 5th stop of the Tour, as the APP will build on the foundations laid with the inaugural event in 2019 to deliver another World Class and immersive experience at the heart of this unforgettable City.

US Leg (October)

The Tour will then return to the US for this two venue leg of the Tour, providing some of the most dramatic natural conditions of the year, with downwind and surf sprints in Maui, and a mix of open ocean, flat water and surf sprints in California for what promises to be one of the most spectacular legs of the season.

The Final (December)

It will then be the welcomed return to Paris, France to combine the annual pilgrimage down the River Seine with a supercharged indoor event inside the Salon Nautique to provide a dramatic final weekend of action that will close the 2021 APP World Tour in style.

2021 to re-ignite competitive action across the globe

While it was disappointing to watch 2020 come and go without any action, we are looking forward to making up for it all in 2021 with this exciting line up of events that will challenge the World’s very best athletes in a very comprehensive and complete range of conditions to determine the Sport’s Professional World Champions.

Please also note that the APP will be adopting a Container solution for the year to transport Athlete’s boards from Spain in May, all the way around the World to each of the events and back to Europe for the Final in Paris. More to follow on this solution in conjunction with the Official Release in December.

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