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Readers video breakdown / Pedram’s Offset stance

In this SUPboarder Pro readers’ video breakdown Beau looks at footage from Pedram in Australia. Pedram has been paddling for just under a year now and wanted help to improve is general paddle stroke and off set stance.

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stephen schneider
stephen schneider
4 years ago

Generally NOT a good idea. With offset stance you are likely to shift weight between front and rear foot on each stoke, creating a fore and aft rocking motion on each stoke which will slow you down.
However there may be some benifit when paddling in waves where ability to shift weight forward quicky to catch a surf ride or raise the bow to avoid plowing into a wave will help.maintain speed and balance.

Beau Nixon
4 years ago

Hi Stephen,
I can 100% agree with your comments on using an offset paddle stance. If you’re not used to doing it or don’t feel like you can find the right technique, it can be detrimental your paddle stroke. However, if paddlers can use that fore and aft rocking motion effectively and combine it with good technique (hip thrust, rotation and extension/pushing from back foot) – I would say that the rocking motion to some degree could be used to propel you forward after you finish/exit from the release on your stroke. This is probably why you see a few of… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Beau, Your video tips were great, I went for paddling and followed your tips, it feel much better when I roll back my top shoulder, and at same time give me better positive angle on paddle at the reach, and create that torso rotation which generate more power as you mentioned specially at offset stance and slightly bending knee on the back foot.
showing how to transfer pressure from my shoulder to core and leg muscles made it easier for me to paddle long distance as I’m using more and larger muscles. Thank you Beau.

Beau Nixon
4 years ago
Reply to  pedramnet

Hi Pedram,
Glad you have applied some of these tips to your technique and that they are helping you on the water. It’s great to hear your feedback! Hope to see you on the water someday. Good luck with the paddling and downwinding. If you ever need any more tips, feel free to reach out to us.

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