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Benoit Carpentier’s epic new SUP surf short film ‘Flow’

We are loving Benoit Carpentier’s SUP surf film ‘Flow’. Lots of great action all filmed around the Canary Islands with his friends. The Canaries can deliver all the conditions you want… but you will have to search for them!!

Our top clips and sections of this video are;

  • The first barrel riding section. Just check out where Benoit’s feet are positioned as he trims his board for the faster barrel sections. On one wave his front foot is no more than 1 foot from the nose of the board. (A flat board is a fast board)
  • Then the section of Benoit riding his Starboard Pro board as a prone (without a paddle) surfboard at 1:50sec. This could be for many reasons… he snapped or lost his paddle (unlikely), it’s a really windy offshore day, he just fancied a prone session or he wanted to keep the locals happy and not SUP that wave!?

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