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SUP racers we need you / Competitive Paddler Questionnaire

Questionnaire to Investigate the Psychological Relationship Between a Competitive Paddler and their Racing Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarder and researcher at Bournemouth University, Dr Bryce Dyer is asking for your help.

This questionnaire is part of his ongoing research project to obtain a better understanding of how athletes interact with their sporting equipment. It’s intended for those who have raced in a SUP race using a racing board in the past. You may have competed in the past but may not do so currently – this is absolutely fine.

This study forms part of a larger project that will aim to provide more desirable and better performing sports equipment in the future to those who undertake competitive sport.

Bryce would be grateful for just afew minutes of your time to help him collect this valuable information. Many thanks (on behalf of Bryce)

To complete the 5 min questionnaire.

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QR: SUP racers we need you / Competitive Paddler Questionnaire

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