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SMIK team talk with Scotty McKercher

As with any new brand it takes time to grow and gather respect in the industry, with a healthy team of riders underneath them. Now don't get me wrong... Smik definitely aren’t a 'new' brand, but when it comes to performance shaped composite SUP's it takes a lot longer to shake that newer brand label!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Smik and their boards over the past few years. And next month their smaller Hipster Twin is going to be included in the SUPboarder Pro – ‘Performance Shape’ Test… so look out for that.

Their range of boards has grown over the years and more importantly so has the Smik team. A good quality team across all levels and styles is important to all brands to ensure the development will always be taken to the next level. We asked Scotty to share with us some words about his latest video and his team of growing riders/ambassadors.

“This was great trip to Philip island for the Australian National wave titles where it’s always a pleasure and whole lot of fun to catch up with Wes Fry and family. It was the first time I got to meet young Brea who also has a swag of talent and a smooth surfing style. And like Wes, she’s such a lover of the ocean with a real positive unassuming energy. Matt Tackles, also new onto the boards as well, is just a down to earth family man who’s an absolute ripper on the water.Results wise things didn’t really go our way this year, but that’s competition. I know that from spending a lifetime doing them. But the surfing I saw at times in heats aswell as without a contest vest on, and the way they carry themselves in and out of the water, I couldn’t be happier.The SMIK family is growing and everyone just seems to be super cool who’s getting on board and it’s going to be a lot of fun to keep working with them on future missions.”

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