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SUP Rail thickness at the tail / Design & Performance

There are so many things that go into a boards design. In this SUPboarder Pro video we talk about how rail thickness at the tail affects a boards performance in the surf.

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4 years ago

Hi Reuben
Great video, many thx.
Do thinner rails make a board more unstable?

4 years ago

Hi, as i am currently considering to either get the Fanatic PROWAVE LTD 8’0 or the RRD IWAVE V2 7’7, I had a few questions (many of them were answered in this and another video in which you tested several wave boards – THANKS), but I have a few additional once, which I hope you can help: a) How do the boards compare in windy/choppy conditions (especially when paddling out). b) in terms of stability (paddling out) in normal conditions: how do they compare? c) is paddling into the wave similar with both boards? d) Which of the board keeps… Read more »

4 years ago

Great video. At the end, you mention riding the two ProWaves and doing a short review, I think that would be quite an interesting comparison that I’ve never seen. Also, Ramon’s question is quite good as well, as I think the most frustrating thing about being an intermediate surfer is dealing with chop. One day, you feel fantastic riding all the waves. A bit of side-chop the next day, and you can hardly stand on the board. Perhaps a whole how-to on what to do when you are waiting for a wave. Do you stand in the middle of the… Read more »

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