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Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer – To look at my paddle or not?

In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we answer a question that got sent to us… Is it better to look at my paddle blade during a manoeuvre like a top turn or is it better to look the opposite way towards the rotation of the turn? This is definitely more of an intermediate/advanced […]

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2 years ago

Thank you Reuben for another great and thought provoking video. I have noticed that I always look forward and ahead during bottom and top turns, and cutbacks to the left, but sometimes at the blade when I do a cutback to the right (I am goofy) but as long as you do. None of this is intentional, and I have never really thought about or considered it. I apprecitiate the way in which you unpacked these behaviours. Very useful indeed. My cutbacks work well in powerful larger waves but suck on small waves. Perhaps because I am coming from a… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
2 years ago
Reply to  Desheboard

Thanks for your feedback. Its a very interesting subject for sure. Always great to hear what other surfers are doing.
Doing cutbacks on smaller waves is always harder then on bigger waves. I find this is due to the fact that you have to get the turn done in a smaller distance of wave hight (from top to bottom). Let us know how you get on with the weekends session.

2 years ago

Hi Reuben Many thx for the video! Very well explained 🙂

Reuben Ellis
2 years ago
Reply to  Ramon

Glad it helped Ramon.

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