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The Step Back Turn is a really useful, fast turn to master. Whether on a race board or surf SUP, it's a great turning method to get you quickly around those race buoys or infront of that fast approaching wave. It takes a bit of practice and you’re likely to get wet when you first try, but it's well worth the effort.

The step back turn involves stepping back on your board, so your body weight is shifted back, over the tail causing it to sink, and your board to then turn (pivot) quickly with a bit of help from you and your paddle. Sounds simple but there’s lots to think about and it’s not easy finding that balance point. Every board will feel different when carrying out this manoeuvre so you’re just going to have to practice… lots!

If you haven’t tried a Step back Turn yet or have given it a go but without much success, SUPboarder offers some top tips to help get you and your board around safe and dry! We hope you find it useful.

Check out the longer, extended video below, available with a SUPboarder PRO subscription for more tips and tricks to help you nail the Step Back Turn!

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Michele Porter
Michele Porter
3 years ago

So , I can’t help but believe the narrator is “Peter Pan”❤!
With his (you know) perfect annunciation …from Once upon a time TV series Love the SUP lesson even more this way!!

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