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SUP technical – How to find out what race paddle is fastest for you

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2 years ago

Just came across this article. Thanks for your scientific approach to SUP testing. I have enjoyed other articles and videos of yours! I’m curious why heart rate isn’t included in the data collected to ensure energy expenditure is the same for each run (or if not the same, does it correlate with the difference in SI between paddles, or whatever is being tested)? Also, not sure if you’ve seen this, but your field testing of blade size supports what has been shown mathematically – The longer stroke length with the larger paddle also fits with what has been taught… Read more »

Dr Bryce Dyer
Dr Bryce Dyer
2 years ago
Reply to  Aaron

So many good points here Aaron. What I’ve done is to cherry pick a few of your excellent observations and will attempt to address them. 1) I’m curious why heart rate isn’t included in the data collected to ensure energy expenditure is the same for each run. ANSWER: This was purely due to the relatively short duration of each run. I’d only use HR as a metric myself if I were doing runs of at least 5 minutes long. With short durations of just a couple of minutes (like I used in these kinds of tests), you’re drawing on a… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr Bryce Dyer

Thanks for the lengthy reply Bryce! I appreciate your explanations and thoughts on all this.

9 months ago

I am interested in the UV88 Trifecta perhaps to reduce fatigue or oneset of tendonitis… I usually use Kanaha 90 perhaps a bit shorter than need, this fixed a shoulder issue I had with longer paddles. at 6’4 my regular paddle for sup surf ~81 is slightly short for me for racing. I’ll do a couple 5mi trips a week on the Bullet. Any thoughts on increased cadence and slightly different blade. UV88 composite blade being longer, thinner, scouped and the shaft being approx 4″ longer ~85″. I think blade angle is same, 10 deg… no 12 deg offered…

Beau Nixon
9 months ago
Reply to  Ryan

Hi Ryan, the UV88 has that elongated, narrower blade like you mentioned and this will take the strain off your joints. You’ll need to paddle at a higher cadence with this paddle in order to keep pace, but the benefits of using this for racing or faster long distance paddling is worth it to reduce fatigue. As for the length, before gluing anything, I’d cut the paddle a little longer to begin with and just tape the handle with electrical tape. That way, for the first couple of paddles you can work out if you need to take off more… Read more »

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