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iSUPs – everything you need to know!

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Chris Koerner
7 years ago

Good article Ruben and thank you for crediting ULI Boards as the original inflatable surf and SUP board manufacturer. The US tire company Goodyear was using drop stitch material 60 years ago and invented an inflatable aircraft dubbed the “inflatoplane”, so the material has been around for a long time. Also in regards to the future of iSUPs, ULI Boards has used a bonded kevlar stiffening “stringer” since at least 2006. In 2011 we created the “Wiki Rail”, a hard edge for our inflatable boards that allows them to paddle faster and surf better to bring the performance and feel… Read more »

steve love
steve love
7 years ago

‘ The future is here and happening now in a little shop in Vista, California, but our business is designing and building the best inflatable boards and not marketing something built for us by an offshore factory. ‘ That is great to know as it is VERY hard to find boards built in the States and I’d prefer to buy “local”. I am spoiled by riding quality 14ft. race boards from Bark and Imagine…..but I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can get the added durability and ease of transport AND similar performance from an ISUP !! Maybe that… Read more »

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