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2024 SUP Challenges / #1 360˚ SUP Jump

We’re back with some more fun SUP challenges! This year, we have some fun challenges and ones that will be sure to make you laugh and smile. As always, these SUP challenges will help you to become a better paddler by working on your balance, getting your feet moving around on the board and using your paddle more efficiently and effectively.

In this first video of the challenges, we are going to test your balance skills with the 360˚ SUP Jump.

That’s right, you are going to be trying a full 360˚ jump on your SUP. This challenge has been set to improve your board skills so you can become more confident moving around on it.

If you are feeling a little hesitant, try small steps first. Do a small jump on the spot to begin with and slowly try to get higher. Once you feel confident doing this, try a 90˚ jump, then a 180˚ jump and then see how far you can go until you get a complete 360˚ jump.

So give it a try, and see how far you can go! Be prepared to get wet!

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