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Punta Ala 2024 – Euro Tour SUP

Earlier in April, the Sparviero SUP Challenge in memory of Sara D’Apolito was was held as part of the Euro Tour SUP in Punta Ala, Italy in challenging conditions.

*Press Release: EuroTour SUP

For the women’s race Mariecarmen Rivera had her eyes on the win since the start, and after a great downwind strategy she claimed her maiden title. With a great race in 2nd, Melanie Lafenetre had to fight to the end to fend off Juliette DuHaime in 3rd who fought to the very end for the position. Not far adrift came Anais Guyomarch in 4th after a very consistent race. Closing the Top5 was Cecilia Pampinella that choose a difficult line on the downwind but still made the podium.

For the mens race, Shuri Araki had been so close to winning before and today on the downwind leg he completely dominated carrying the momentum to the end for his maiden win. Much like last year, on a race from less to more Donato Freens had a great second leg for 2nd place. Fighting to the finish line for 3rd was Ethan Bry on a fine performance. In another fierce battle to the very end Rai Taguchi in 4th had an epic battle with Paolo Marconi closing the Top5.

The kids race in the afternoon was very eventful, with the sun but also quite a bit of wind making the conditions quite challenging. With our youngest participant ever Wesley Nica at 5yrs old that completed the course along with his proud dad Leonardo Nina  who’s competed in all Eurotour editions & today finished an impressive 9th.

We really want to thank Maria Luisa, Francesco, Thomas for their hard work and dedication. For the second year in a row the most successful international event in Italy with 16 different countries present and the world’s best, their future looks bright as a staple in the Eurotour calendar.

Mens Results -

Top 10 Men:

  1. Shuri Araki
  2. Donato Freens
  3. Ethan Bry
  4. Rai Taguchi
  5. Paolo Marconi
  6. Ricardo Rossi
  7. Eri Tenorio
  8. Ollie Houghton
  9. Leo Nica
  10. Tommaso Pampinella

Womens Results -

Top 10 Women:

  1. Mari Carmen Rivera
  2. Melanie Lafenetre
  3. Juliette Du Haime
  4. Anais Guyomarch
  5. Cecilia Pampinella
  6. Susak Molinero
  7. Mariana Mangialasche
  8. Julia Risso
  9. Geraldine Lachkar

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