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Carolina CUP 2024 Results

One of the world's most famed SUP races, the Carolina CUP, was held over the previous weekend in challenging conditions at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina, USA. See the results.

The 13th Annual Carolina Cup is a week-long event featuring clinics, demos and 5 races. On Saturday, there was a 3.5-mile Harbor Island Recreational race, 6.5-mile Money Island Open Race, the dreaded 13-mile Graveyard Elite Race and The Graveyard Outrigger and Surfski race, as well as a kids race. Here are the results;

Graveyard Men 14′
1. Michael Booth
2. Itzel Delgado
3. Bodie Von Allmen

Graveyard Women 14′
1. Jenny Kalmbach
2. Kimberly Barnes
3. Seychelle Webster

Money Island 14′ Men
1. Larry Cain
2. Gerald Cornier
3. Jake Linley

Money Island 14′ Women
1. Ruth Ann Steen
2. Alice Batson
3. Rachel Masserey

Money Island 12’6 Men
1. Joe LaMantia III
2. Brian Babcock
3. David Herring

Money Island 14′ Women
1. Ann Yankowski
2. Elizabeth Milligan

Harbor Island 14′ Men
1. Daniel O’Brien
2. Josh Morgan
3. Brian Cleary

Harbor Island 14′ Women
1. Jess Parker
2. Robyn Hatler
3. Marie Eve Menard

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