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We learn about the Shark Trust & how we can help our sharks to have a future!

In this video we wont be talking about which board is best for you or what techniques you need to work on. We are going to be diving into our seas and talking about sharks and the charity that is dedicated to their survival.

The inflatable SUP brand, Shark SUP have been working with the Shark Trust for the past few years, and are now also helping them financially. It’s a collaboration that will really be making a difference to our shark populations. The Charity relies on partnerships like this and funding from individual members around the world to be able to be a voice for our sharks.
Shark SUP asked us to interview some of the Shark Trust team to find out more about the work that they are doing to help protect sharks in our seas.

My family have been a member of the Shark Trust for a few years now and really enjoy the Shark Trust magazine that comes twice a year. And as paddlers we are proud of the work that the Shark Trust team all put in, and see the membership as something that many SUPers should add onto their kit list for sure.

Feature image : Tomas Kotouc

Find out more about the Shark Trust and how you can support on their website.

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jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
1 year ago

this was fantastic!! what an amazing bunch of folk 🙂

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QR: We learn about the Shark Trust & how we can help our sharks to have a future!

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