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Testing The 2024 Starboard Shapes in Bali

Beau spent a morning with the Starboard team in Bali testing 2024 prototypes for the new range of surf SUPs coming out at the end of the year. We couldn’t give too much away in the video because the official designs have not been released, but this gives you a great insight into how Starboard […]

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1 year ago

Lucky man, that must have been great!
Great company to test such gear.
Also heard from one of the tester the longboard is great.
Let s try to save some money and some space in the garage for next year.

Patrick Bach
Patrick Bach
11 months ago

What about the generation r or gen r ? Having the allstar and the sprint already what is it supposed to be good for ?

Reuben Ellis
11 months ago
Reply to  Patrick Bach

We have one coming over for review in the next few weeks. So watch this space

Olivier Decroly
Olivier Decroly
10 months ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Hi Reuben, still plan to have a review of new Gen R soon ? thank you

Reuben Ellis
10 months ago

Hey Olivier, Im working on it right now. Hope to have it live within 2 weeks.

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