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Da Hui Backdoor Shootout: Zane Saenz

The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout took place at Ehukai beach in January 2023 and SUPs were again part of the barrel fest. Here is Zane Saenz's road to the finals.

Blue Planet: Blue Planet team rider Zane Saenz makes it to the Stand up paddle surfing finals and finishes second in one of the North Shore’s most popular events: Da Hui Backdoor Shootout at Ehukai beach in January 2023. Pipline served up big waves, epic barrels, but also very dangerous conditions during the contest, with three surfers getting seriously injured. Makua Rothman, Billy Kemper, and Kala Grace were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. We are proud of Zane, he was charging, got some amazing rides, and was able to show off his tube riding skills in the finals, well done! Zane used a custom Blue Planet pocket series board: 7’4″ x 23.5″ x 66L, his bodyweight is around 130lbs.

Stand Up Surfing final results:
1. Place: Zane Schweitzer
2. Place: Zane Saenz
3. Place: Kai Lenny

The dahui Backdoor shootout is arguably the best and favorite contest at pipe among the north shore locals. There are always very strong traditional Hawaiian roots in the ceremony and event, giving it a very different feel from other surf contests. The shortboard contest has a team format instead of the usual elimination and Stand up Paddle and Longboard are also included! This is the only event at pipe all year for SUP and longboard, so everyone is always pushing it and trying to get barreled and be very progressive at their crafts. This year was very dangerous with various injuries in the SUP, Longboard, and shortboard divisions, but luckily everyone is recovering and okay now.
– Zane

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