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Next Level Foiling at Kalapaki Bay

Check out some action from the Aloha Classic Contest which was probably the most high performance foiling event in the world with the epic surf they had on offer!

“The Foilers of Aloha Classic Contest on Kauai hosted by the Foil Fever Crew was probably The Highest Performance Hydrofoil contest done so far anywhere. Lots of Sick action all day with epic surf! No waiting around like a regular surfing contest to see someone catch the next wave!- Go Foil”

This foil contest shows just how quick the progression of performance foiling is happening. A lot of the video was prone foiling, but it was great to see SUP foiling being pushed to the limits was well.

It’s really interesting to see their board set ups with offset foot-straps. This is something Will at SUPboarder has been thinking about doing as all the prone guys ride offset stance to be able to aggressively turn.

It’s also very interesting to note that most of the sups are riding with foot straps which opens up the aerial side of progression.  However, the prone surfers opting not to use foot straps. We guess it’s too hard to paddle on the board with foot straps but if you are a prone foiler reading, please let us know if you do / don’t use foot straps and why.

Foiling is getting exciting!

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