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Lincoln Dews Yukon Quest

Lincoln Dews has been quietly training behind the scenes for his upcoming mammoth SUP expedition of paddling both the Yukon1000 and the Yukon River Quest.

It’s been a while since we heard from Lincoln Dews and now he has uncovered his major goal for 2022. Let’s hear from Lincoln;

I’ve been a little quiet on paddling front recently, mainly due to the size of this project and my hesitancy that is was actually achievable…
But with only 9 weeks until race day I’m getting excited about what we’re trying to achieve. I’ll be racing the both longest non-stop, and second longest paddle races (on any craft) in a single month. The Yukon1000 & Yukon River quest.
For context, that’s 2300km of racing in just over 3weeks through one of the most remote river systems on the planet. This only ever been completed before by a hero of mine @bartdezwart (and Alex de saint??)
There’s been a lot going into this behind the scenes, and a lot more training to come.
Thanks to @sicmaui @blackfish_paddles @apsunutrition for embracing this project and helping showcase unique sides to paddle sports.
We’re behind you Lincoln and can’t wait to follow your progress!

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