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Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / Sunova Placid

In the second video of our 2022 SUPboarder PRO Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Test, we ride the Sunova Placid 8’10” x 32.25″ @ 135.3L.

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Troy Cleary
2 years ago

At 6”3 tall 96kg I have owned the 8”10,9”1,9”4 and 9”7. 8”10 I found very boggy ( low volume ) 9”1 had very little glide 9”7 way way to big. But my 9”4 I love, I am a very heavy back foot surfer and once on the tail it comes to life. I definitely prefer my smik hipster for performance but I do agree the placid is a very stable board , to me it also feels slower on the wave face and definitely a beginner board. I take it out on the days when I just want to slow… Read more »

Rick Weeks
2 years ago

Hi Beau Thanks for the review on the 8’10 Placid. I am a Sunova rider and have done lots of reviews on many different boards/brands over the years. The Placid is one of my favorite boards… but it didn’t start out that way. One thing I have found, is some boards “size up” better than others…. meaning some boards surf very well in a size much bigger than the rider needs for stability. Other boards need to be ridden at a smaller size to unlock the performance. The Placid is one of those boards that really needs to be properly… Read more »

Rick Weeks
2 years ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Thanks Beau, Yes, comparing boards almost requires that it is done with matching numbers. Unfortunately some designs just don’t show well in that format. The Creek and the Placid are two that seem to defy the numbers I always recommend riding a Creek that is at least a size bigger than you might think. The Placid is a board that should be ridden smaller than the numbers indicate. Guild Factors I like on each: Creek = 1.4 to 1.5 Placid = 1.2 to 1.3 My comfort level is the same on: 9’4 Creek 8’10 Placid I am nearly as happy… Read more »

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