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Head To Head Longboard Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / Sunova Casey Revolution

In the first instalment of our 2022 SUPboarder PRO Head To Head Longboard Surf SUP Test, we ride the Sunova Casey Revolution 10′ x 28″ @ 127L. If you missed the introduction video, we are doing the 2022 Head To Head Surf Tests a little differently. Because of shipping delays due to COVID, we will […]

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10 months ago

Thanks for the review. I surf the Sunova Style 10′ * 28 which has the US box and a squarer nose. It’s great for nose riding with a big center fin and a couple of small thrusters. Although, I do find my-self using a nubby center fin most of the time for a better turning experience, so maybe a move to the Casey Revolution is on the cards.

Troy Cleary
Troy Cleary
9 months ago

I have a custom revolution 10”8 x 32. It’s a amazing board to get in early, as it’s so flat and at 10”8 long it picks up ripples but is still very easy to throw around from the tail.

Geoffrey Duffield
Geoffrey Duffield
7 months ago

According to a video of James Casey on the Sunova site, the board can be specced with a US box.

1 month ago

I had a really good look at one a guy on holiday here had brought with him. He raved about it, best board he has and all he rides……. I noticed he had 3 FCS centre plugs like my JP pro has but when I asked how much difference moving the fin around is making he just pulled out a big single fin with 3 fcs tabs on it and stuck that in. Turns out he added the extra plug and made himself a custom fin for the more traditional style longboarding. Seemed to work well though, when he was… Read more »

amirizal ishak
amirizal ishak
16 days ago

hi  Beau, I notice that most of board reviews are very much cover on top and bottom of a board such as its contour. How about the railing? Would it be useful to know too; just like you mentioned, some of good points from this board must have come from the shaping including the railing.

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