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Pre-Premiere Interview of Circumnavigate – The Long Paddle Film with Brendon Prince

'CIRCUMNAVIGATE' which premieres tonight, is the film about Brendon Prince's 'The Long Paddle' around Mainland Britain.

SUPboarder was first to view the long awaited film CIRCUMNAVIGATE, so we jumped straight on a call with Brendon to speak about the movie, what is upcoming for The Long Paddle and how life has changed in the past year.

CIRCUMNAVIGATE: The Story Of The Long Paddle

Tragedies in former lifeguard Brendon Prince’s past forced a huge change in his life to pursue water safety education. But in the pursuit of raising awareness for this cause he must put his own life at risk, pushing his limits and attempting something that no one has ever accomplished before.

Is he attempting the impossible? Will the cause of water safety ultimately put him in life-threatening situations?

CIRCUMNAVIGATE follows the south Devon based father of three as he attempts to become the first person to ever stand up paddleboard around mainland Britain in his hope to break five world records. A challenge many have tried before – but none have achieved.

Directed by Will Reddaway | Featuring Brendon Prince

Will Reddaway is the director and producer behind the film and he has captured paddleboarding in a new light, exploring a narrative around Brendon’s circumnavigation, water safety and the long lasting effect the ocean has on us.

A definite watch, this film premieres tonight (Friday March 18t, 2022) at Pavilions Teignmouth and also again on the 23rd March, 2022. Get your tickets!

CIRCUMNAVIGATE will also be touring the UK, so click here to see more details as they come to hand.

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