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New SIC XRS Flat Water Race

SIC Maui officially presented their new flat water race board, the XRS to the world at the Gla Gla Race last January.

The design of the XRS is inspired by the SIC X Series mixing with the multi-award winning RS. The XRS offers the best possible length/width ratio. It is a stable platform for the rider to take maximum speed. The flat bottom with the proportionally wide tail provides a solid base, with an efficient waterline.

Key Features

• Below Waterline Protruding Bulbous Nose: This marine concept creates an early bow wake diminishing the overall front wake, ultimately reducing drag along the remaining rail outline.
• Flat Bottom With Small Under Tuck And Parallel Rail Outline: Provides stability and reduces yaw, decreasing the amount of time you switch your paddle from side to side
• High Freeboard Dugout Cockpit And Backwards Angle Deck: Provides stability, reduces cockpit water intake, and promotes self-drainage
• Low Rocker Line: Creates the most effective 14’ waterline for efficient glide and speed
• Inverted Gunnel Handle: Provide optimum board handling control with uncluttered aesthetics
• Open Transom Tail: Provides stability and easy water drainage
• Cross Cut Eva Deck Pad: For traction and grip

French athlete Ludovic Teulade tackled the 15 km long distance with the XRS 14’x20’’, landing him in 5th place, just 13 seconds shy of the winner Bruno Hasulyo.

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