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Testing Wing foil toys from the boat / Session blog

We ride our wings and foils in lots of different locations. But launching from a boat is by far the best place to use and test gear. Join Will and I as we take a blog look at one of our recent testing sessions from the boat...

Having the ability to swap and change equipment quickly is key to getting a good feel of any gear. So doing it from a boat is ideal. It not only allows you to easily transport the kit, it also allows you to anchor and position yourself in the best wind location and water state for the days testing.

On this session we were using a number of different foils and wings. Some of which we can’t say what yet, but the notable gear was…

Fanatic Bee (full review coming)
Fanatic Aero 2000 Foil
Duotone Slick 5m wing (reviewed on SUPboarder Pro)
Naish Wing Foil Hover 95L 2022
Naish Wing Foil Hover 95L 2020
Naish Jet foil 1650 Foil
Naish Matador LT 5m (full review coming)
Naish ……… 5m (full review coming)
Naish Foils 2022 (full review coming)

If you have any gear questions or review requests please let us know below.

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