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Starboard Waterline VS JP-Australia GT-S 12’6″ / Conditions Test

In this SUPboarder PRO video, we pin the Starboard Waterline 12’6 x 28″ against the JP-Australia GT-S 12’6 x 29″ to see which board is best for you. We tested these boards in a variety of conditions, from calm water to choppy seas, upwind to downwind, waves, tide and wind. So how did these boards […]

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Georgi Velev
Georgi Velev
3 years ago

Many thanks for the video. Well, one should either be an advanced paddler, or a heavy rider over 95kg. I like the Starboard because it matches my weight (77kg), on the other hand, the JP matches my abilities (beginner rider). I think the best would be if JP developed a slightly less voluminous board. If I was making several days tours with a SUP, then the answer would be obvious – me (77kg) + 20kg luggage = JP is perfect. Which makes me wonder what kind of a touring board the Waterline is, may be there are people who can… Read more »

Juha Koivisto
Juha Koivisto
3 years ago

Thanks for the video review! Looks like the 12’6 waterline is not carrying your weight as well as it could? Do you think 14×28 waterline would glide better and survive some kneehigh downwind bumps easier under a 70kg rider? How are the speed claims of Starboard “our fastest board at 75% speeds?”

Lee Copson
Lee Copson
1 year ago

At 115Kg and having recently moved to within walking distance of a lake I was looking for something to replace my 12’6″ 32″ Red Paddle iSUP. I found a deal on a 1 year old 14’0″ GT-S Carbon. I’d guess I’m a lower intermediate level paddler and found the board nice and stable on flat water from the start. I still have to focus when paddling and have the occasional moment but it is much more forgiving than the iSUP I was using previously. It’s given me confidence to try walking up and down the board – standing toward the… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Copson

Hi Lee, thank you so much for your feedback and comments about your board. I know the paddlers will find this very useful. Have you put down your review notes in the customers review section near the bottom of the post? Happy paddling Reuben

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