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Our multi-day family SUP touring adventure

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Welcome to our first multi-day family SUP touring adventure. 3 days, 2 nights and a lifetime of memories...

We all had such a great time last year when we went off on our first overnight family SUP adventure, that this summer we decided to go further and for longer! Izzy is now 7yrs old, she loves camping and her confidence on a SUP has really grown. So when we saw a good weather window during the school summer holidays we decided to pack our dry bags, load up our SUPs and get paddling. Izzy was so excited from the day we started planning it!

Over the 3 days the paddling conditions weren’t always kind but that didn’t stop Izzy from smiling, and us finding some beautiful, quiet and secluded Bank Holiday beaches along the way.

Family SUP touring adventures aren’t just about the paddling. Escaping the routine and home chores, and immersing ourselves in nature, brought with it so many other amazing experiences. New wildlife, exciting beach finds, some fun family foraging and some sleepy star gazing to name afew.

Remember you don’t have to go far. Escaping around the corner on your SUP is all it takes. Just make sure you plan an adventure that suits you and your family, and you always consider your paddling ability, the weather, and ensure you have the necessary equipment to stay safe… and most importantly have fun!

We really hope you enjoy our video, and it inspires you and your family to do something similar. What SUP adventures do you fancy planning? We’d love to hear all about it.

Big thanks to Bryony Stokes for the extra footage of us. Drawn to the sea for inspiration, and with a love for the environment Bryony’s films are well worth a watch. Check out to find out more.

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Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence
1 year ago

Hi Reuben, Brilliant videos! Really enjoyed them and learnt a lot too. Especially your lengthy section on poo. I’ve no idea how you did that in one take! You had me in tears.

Pete Marsden
Pete Marsden
1 year ago

Great video, thanks. I do love the sup camping/touring stuff so keep them coming! Just one thing, do you remember where your (collapsible?) water storage bottle is from? I’m after something like that myself.

Neil Beeson
Neil Beeson
1 year ago

Hi Reuben, thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure. Definitely going to look into this for next summer. For us land-locked folk there’s a lot to learn. Thanks for all the info.

1 year ago

Love this! I don’t have kids but it gave me some good ideas on SUP camping. Also, thanks for sharing the bit about how you constructed the tow line. As a SUP instructor, I sometimes have to tow slower paddlers, so I might add this to my kit. Cheers!

Steve Mercer
Steve Mercer
8 months ago

What a great trip! I’m curious, with all the boards you have access to and could have used, why you did you and Lucy both choose the Thurso Expedition? Confession, I bought one this past year and it was confirming to see that you chose it also.

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