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How To Kick Out Of A Wave On A SUP / Avoiding A Wipeout

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This 'How To' video focuses on controlling your kick out of waves when SUP surfing. It's really important to get this right as it keeps you and other surfers safe in the lineup.

We learn how to safely and confidently kick out of a wave, avoiding the lip and a potential wipeout. Being in control of your SUP in the line-up is one of the fundamental elements when learning to SUP surf. It forms the basis for all of our manoeuvres and gains you respect from other water users.

Remember to also watch the SUPboarder PRO video below.

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Robin Konieczny
Robin Konieczny
2 years ago

both of these Kicking out Vids are great, thanks

2 years ago

Wow thanks. Still learning form you guys;. The pin drop for one. Also, one thing that I always try and remember is cover your head, especially with an offshore wind. My board loves to fly up, and I once caught myself in the nose pretty bad. I would love to hear more recommendations about how to kick out of a wave at the beginning and letting the up-wave surfer have priority. Since we are standing, this can be more difficult as you can more easily lose your wave over the whitewater. (I I have been guilty of losing my board… Read more »

2 years ago

thanks for the good tips in this video. It will really help!

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