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A hot topic at the moment, BSUPA have produced a SUP safety checklist that you need to follow each time you go out for a paddle.

Safety on the water is a big deal. There is a growing number of SUP related safety incidents happening daily across the UK inland and coastal. BSUPA have launched their SUP safety poster and initiative to hopefully increase awareness of SUP safety and kick start awareness that you need to take a different approach to water safety if you’re a novice paddleboarder.
Start by having a ‘ready to ride’ lesson at a BSUPA recognised school .This introduces all the necessary basics of technique and location selection, which will help avoid negative or dangerous experiences. Go to your local BSUPA Sup school/ shop /Club for advice, check in with local lifeguard’s ask other experienced paddleboarder’s before heading out. Read the poster and take some advice before venturing out on the water. 
We hope experienced paddleboarder’s, SUP enthusiasts and SUP instructors will take up the safety call and also advise some of the many newbies to SUP about conditions where to go and to avoid poor weather conditions, strong tides and offshore winds.
Water safety is never a straight forward topic, combinations of conditions, fixed objects, strong currents, water flow, depth, 3rd parties, rips, tides, waves, temperature, equipment, water wear and ever changing wind directions all add to mix when you head out on the water.
BSUPA feels getting the correct learning process and essential water knowledge before you venture out is big step in the right direction.
Even with the challenges that heading out on the water sometimes presents, SUP is still probably the most accessible of all water sports and it’s still growing, a great sport for mind and body . 
Please keep SUP safe.

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