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The SUPfm Podcast brings you weekly episodes about all things SUP and sits down with notable names in the SUP industry.

Simon Hutchinson hosts the SUPfm Podcast and is an all-season UK based paddler, BSUPA instructor, Hutch SUP Wear brand owner and podcast host and producer. He enjoys spreading the stoke and connecting the aloha worldwide in SUP.

Recently, SUPfm released a burst of podcasts aimed at helping beginner paddlers become aware of their environment and helping them on their journey.

Simon also sits down with some big names in the world of SUP to chat about their life on the road, competition, pushing their limits and much more.

And if you want to listen to Will & Reuben chat about SUPboarder and SUP touring, then check out the below podcast where they share insights into how to get into touring.

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