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2021 JP-Australia iSUP range overview / Which board best suits you?

JP-Australia are a well known brand in the SUP world. And after taking an in depth look at the JP-Australia iSUP constructions last year, this year we look at the boards themselves to help you understand who they're best suited for.

JP-Australia have 4 different types of construction – SUPERIOR EDITION 3DS (SE 3DS), LIGHT EDITION 3DS (LE 3DS), LIGHT EDITION (LE) and SUPERLIGHT (SL). And within those constructions JP have 31 iSUPs to choose from!

Because they’ve made these boards in a wide range of constructions it does mean there’s a good range of price points and boards to suit paddlers of different weights and abilities.
Everyone paddles for different reasons, so we hope this video helps you understand which board best suits you.

But for more information check out the JP-Australia website.

Boards we paddled in this video

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Michael Wood
Michael Wood
2 years ago

I’ve recently bought the Surf air 9.7 but not had chance to try it in waves yet due to the unpredictability of the UK summer. I understand you intend doing a full review of the board in the future? I’d be interested to know what you think of the board’s stiffness. I can’t decide whether its the soft, springy deckpad which is giving the perceived lack of stiffness. Then again, it could just be me, although I’m really light at 65kg. It’d be nice to see some front and backside bottom and top turns, cutbacks and floaters etc, to see… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Michael Wood
2 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Hi Reuben, when in September will it be ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Wood

Hi Michael, I’m waiting for the JP Australia Surfair 2021 test as well, need it for my decision to buy it for the next oversea surfing holiday. Maybe you can help me out as well as i’m keen to know if this board fits in a suitcase (luggage) for airtravel ?

Regards, Marc

8 months ago

The seem falls off the JP all round board. Its just not nearly well enough made for its use. I wouldn’t waste your money on JP paddle boards.
I did get a cheap one from a random website and its just a much better made bit of kit.

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QR: 2021 JP-Australia iSUP range overview / Which board best suits you?

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