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Seals Resting on SUPs

There’s been some news recently about seals coming up to rest on people’s SUPs. Have you ever encountered a friendly seal whilst paddling?

There’s a friendly resident seal in Weymouth called Sammy who is regularly spotted jumping up onto the deck of SUPs.

There’s also another seal in the River Thames who loves to hang out with paddlers at Active 360 when they are on the daily SUP tour.

We want to remind everyone to respect your local environment and also to remember to admire these beautiful creatures from a safe distance. If they do come up to you, how lucky! But please remember to stay calm, still, quiet and NEVER touch the seals. They are usually using you for a resting post. They are wild animals and disturbing them in their natural habitat can damage the wildlife and scare them off.If you do notice any significant visible injuries, please report it to the British Divers Marine Rescue or the Seal Sanctuary. If you have a camera on you, you can photograph injuries and even take a photo of a tag if they have it to identify the seal.

Did you also know that seals can be identified by a unique spot pattern on their fur that they keep for life! The spot pattern is found on their neck so you can identify individuals. So if it happens more than once to you, you will know if it the same seal!

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