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Should You Buy An All-round, Fast Cruising Or Touring SUP For Your First Board?

In this SUPboarder video, we dive into the differences between an all-round, fast cruising and touring SUP so you can decide which one to buy.

If you’re looking to buy your first SUP, make sure you choose the right board to suit your paddling needs. Choosing between an all-round SUP, fast cruising or touring SUP can be hard, but if you follow the tips outlined in the video, you’ll know which board is right for you.

All round SUPs are best for people who want to have fun and cruise around their local area without worrying about stability or fast fast you’re paddling. Families with kids or dogs will love these types of boards as they can fit an extra person up the front when out paddling. They also can be taken into the surf to ride your first waves on and is a great starting board for many of you out there. 

Fast cruising boards will suit those paddlers who want a little extra speed and performance from their board. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice stability for speed either if you find a wide enough board. If you’re getting into paddling for the fitness benefits, then using these boards for training or longer paddling sessions would be perfect. 

And if you want to carry some gear with you on touring adventures, opting for a touring board can be a great choice. These boards are generally wide enough for balance as they need the ability to carry gear, so you’d make the right choice if adventure paddling is your thing. 

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