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New 2021 Starboard All Star

Starboard have released an insight into their new 2021 All Star race board. Hear from professional paddler Daniel Hasulyo about his thoughts on the board.

Daniel gives us some great insights into how the new 2021 Starboard All Star will perform in different conditions. It definitely sounds like a very versatile board and even more stable with the dugout design.

What do you think?

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chris G
chris G
3 years ago

Looks like they listened to customers and you guys about how much more technical the 2020 shape was and lowered the deck and tweaked the bottom shape.
Should get my hands on one soon and will report back my impressions but really like the design updates in theory.
When are you folks getting one to test!?

Reuben Ellis
3 years ago
Reply to  chris G

Hey Chris. Unsure on the dates for test yet, but we have heard some good things form other paddlers already. Yeah it sounds like a good move with this one. As always would love to hear you feedback when you have paddled it.

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