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Anthony Maltese’s SUP surfing highlight reel

Infinity rider Anthony Maltese has got a great style that’s fluid and good to watch. He is one of those riders who manages to get loads out of every part of the wave, and he has great use of the paddle when it comes to bracing with it on a wave. The wave at 2:07 really shows you how much the paddle can be used to help land those more technical manoeuvres. We also love the jump air drop at 2:42. We’re going to have to try that next time the wave is getting too steep for a normal take off… nice!

Follow Anthony Maltese on YouTube here.

Big thanks to our SUPboarder subscriber Sean R from NYC for highlighting this video to us. At SUPboarder we are always on the look out for videos to inspire and get you amped. So if you know of any videos that do this and we haven’t shared them yet with the SUPboarder community please let us know.


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