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“Are narrow race boards nuts?” Race Dr Bryce Dyer

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5 years ago

It is an interesting discussion; do we want the best for the sport or do we want to see how fast the best paddlers can really go? In the same way that the lengths of boards are controlled by race categories, the governing bodies could choose to limit the minimum width of a board to prevent an elite few who can balance the narrowest boards from having an advantage and to keep racing competitive and accessible to more participants… Other sports do this all the time, limiting technological advances within the competitive classes to make racing more about the participant… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Live2Flow

It’s an interesting point you make (and one that has plagued sport frequently over the last 100 years). From an academic theory point of view, its really about having a governing body that has a clearly defined philosophy of what a sport is and then to have a set of rules that then broadly support that. As you might have read, SUP’s governance is currently a bit unresolved and (in my view) poorly managed generally and it does not have control of how the sport is unfolding in my view. Your observations are spot on. However, it was an interesting… Read more »

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