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Getting kids into SUP / How to video

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Jbles321 (@jbles321)
2 years ago

Thank you for this video, My Wife and I are new to SUP starting last year and we are both very eager to introduce our two year old to the sport. We live in Anglesey North Wales and want our daughter to be able to make the most of what the island has to offer when it comes to water sports, However because we are both novices we were feeling quite nervous about it. This video has helped us no end, Thank you. Keep the child advice videos coming.

tombradley (@tombradley)
1 year ago

This is cool – I can’t wait to get my little boy (2 y/o) on the board this summer. Should I use a second leash to attach him to the board or is one leash attached to me enough for most situations?

jamiep (@jamiep)
1 year ago

I’ve just seen this video after asking you a question very much along these lines on ask the experts. This is great info and something I’m going to follow with our 3 year old. She can’t swim yet and unfortunately lessons seem a long way off in the current situation but at least I can give her the opportunity to get on the board with me. Thanks for the video!

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