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Top tips – How to paddle a smaller SUP board

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Gordon McKercher
7 years ago

Generally when we reduce our board size it’s so we can transition to a more Surf oriented design. So if we are struggling to paddle in general or into waves, it is also worth experimenting with a different length paddle shaft, which also decreases our centre of gravity to afford better stability.

Jon Coomber.
Jon Coomber.
7 years ago

One thing that really helped me on super short / low volume boards was to really make sure that I fully bury the paddle blade all the way up to the shaft when either starting off from stationary, paddling to catch the wave or recovery bracing / correcting. Coupled with the full blade bury I would slow down my first couple of strokes from stationary rather than trying to gain momentum too quickly. You get very little (if any) glide from a short board so it’s more about applied power at exactly the correct moment rather than trying to match… Read more »

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