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2016 Sunova Speeed 8’5” review / Surf SUP

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7 years ago

Great review! Very through. You should test the Acid and Flow models too.
My review of the Sunova Acid 8’11 x 30″ @120L is here:

Michael Metz
Michael Metz
6 years ago

Hi Reuben, loving your reviews and love this Sunova board, Being a beginner surfer on my allround Isup I searched the web first mainly for ISups to surf, like the Whip and the Fanatic Stubby Air, that you just got. I was wondering if a Board like the Sunova Speed in 8″10 is it more or less forgiving, more or less difficult to paddle and surf, in comparison to the Whip 8″10 or the Fanatic 8″6? If the size of the board is ok (I´m 176 cm and 72 kg) does it make sense to improve surfing on an Isup… Read more »

Michael Metz
Michael Metz
6 years ago

Thanks a lot, Reuben.

That´s the way I will do it. I will try to test different size hardboards the next month on flat water to see which size and Volume suits me best and then I´m almost sure I can`t resist to get the Sunova Speed.

I then maybe come back for “size” talking … 😉

By the way I´m a “late grom” of 52, Stand-up-paddling addicted for two years now, so much water to explore for the rest of my life … Cornwall is on my list …


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