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2016 Loco Aztec 7’1” review / Surf SUP

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Colyn Jones
Colyn Jones
2 years ago

Howdy. I’m obviously late to the party on this one!! Anyhow, do you have any thoughts on the larger sizes? I have a someone local to me selling a 2017 8’7″ version for a very good price. I’m not ready to transition to a smaller board but given the price and its local I am wondering. I’m about 80kg’s

Colyn Jones
Colyn Jones
2 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Many thanks for the reply Reuben. I’m conscious that I may be opening a can of worms here and drifting the comment off topic but here goes. I currently have an 11’6″ Hypr Hawaii Gun. Great board bar the weight and the handle. I guess I’m looking for a board, or type of board, to fill out a quiver down the line for the really mixed conditions I get here in North Wales. Nothing too large and often messy and having a board that can generate some speed helps . Open to suggestions and at this stage completely open to… Read more »

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