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Why be a sinking surfer when you can be a stoked SUP surfer?

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Roy Nicholls
Roy Nicholls
7 years ago

Im another big guy SUP surfer. The 100+kg SUP surfer definitely has a friend in the Starboard Whopper. I’ve had several boards, 9’1″ x 32″ (just fell in a lot), inflatable 10’6″ x 32″ wobbled a lot when catching a wave causing me to fall off. 10′ 6″ x 32″ hard board, had a lot of fun with this however not as good in the wind blown surf I get on the south coast. My conclusion, don’t sell the Whopper (slow that it is). If the water is clean I would prefer to be on an up to date 10′… Read more »

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