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Naish Nalu S-Glass Sandwich 10’0″x27″ (2020)

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Jim Newton
Jim Newton
2 years ago

Hi, will the naish nalu 10×27 noseride like a noserider surf Longboard. I’m a disabled surfer with only the use of one arm, although my shoulder can be used to traditionally knee paddle into waves, as many older style surfers do or did back in the 1960s. At the moment I use a Longboard 24.25″ wide, however as I get older, now 57 years old, I need more width for stability, so 27″ wide sounds perfect at over 120 L of volume. However, will the Naish hang ten and nose ride in hip high waves? Jim

Beau Nixon
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Newton

Hi Jim. Very inspiring to hear you’re still getting out there and enjoying longboarding! The Naish Nalu is not specifically designed to nose ride, but it still can. It is more suited to turns from the tail as it has a slight rocker and the concaves aren’t overly pronounced to create that lift when on the nose. Getting a SUP to nose ride well can be hard – given the volume in the tail and through to the middle, it makes it hard for the board to stick to the face to get that ‘locked in’ feeling. This means you… Read more »


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