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2024 Mondello Water Festival – Euro Tour SUP

Beautiful skies with plenty of wind greeted competitors in Mondello, Italy for the Go Water Festival as part of the Euro Tour for SUP racing.

*Press Release: EuroTour SUP

For the women’s race Mariecarmen Rivera seems like she likes winning and lead the race from start to finish. She made her move on the upwind leg and comfortably sustained the lead to the finish. With a bit of a repeat from last weekend in 2nd, Melanie Lafenetre didn’t have it easy to keep Juliette Du Haime in third who shows that she’s in great form. For much of the race Susak Molinero stuck in the same pack to finish a very impressive 4th. Closing the Top5 was Iona Rivet that had a very consistent race.

For the mens race,  Shuri Araki (Shrimpy) took no prisoners among one of the biggest fields of the season and again patiently waited to make his move on the downwind leg for the win. Fresh of the plane, David Leao had the best sprint to the finish line and claimed a supremely impressive second place. Not wanting to get off the podium is Donato Freens for third.. Inches away was Filippo Mercuriali in 4th. A very solid Ludovic Teulade closed the Top5. Special mention to the rest of the Top10 that were within 20sec of each other showing the fierce competitiveness of the entire field.

The kids race in the afternoon was the best part of the venue, with some tight racing and lots of smiles. We really want to thank Vincenzo, Luca & the entire staff for their hard work and dedication in turning this small regional venue into a true festival with several different sports happening & the most successful international event in Italy to date.

Stay tuned for EuroTour 2024 event #3 next week: Sancti Petri SUP Race

Mens Results -

Top 10 Men:

  1. Share Araki
  2. David Leao
  3. Donato Freens
  4. Filippo Mercuriali
  5. Ludovic Teulade
  6. Blue Ewer
  7. Rai Taguchi
  8. Davide Alpino
  9. Ollie Houghton
  10. Eri Tenorio

Womens Results -

Top 10 Women:

  1. Mari Carmen Rivera
  2. Melanie Lafenetre
  3. Juliette Du Haime
  4. Susak Molinero
  5. Iona Rivet
  6. Cecilia Pampinella
  7. Claudia Postiglione
  8. Laura Nitti
  9. Sveva Sabato
  10. Velia Pisanelli

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