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A family holiday with a SUP / SUPboarder tester Leigh takes a Compact iSUP

Have you got a family holiday planned, and keen to do some paddling whilst you’re away but worried you might have to choose between taking your family or your SUP?! Well a compact SUP could be the answer.

Passionate paddler and SUPboarder tester Leigh Boxall went on a family trip to Croatia and shares her vlog showing just how she managed to take a SUP on holiday and get her paddling fix whilst away.

The 10’x30”x6” Kokopelli iSUP was one of the lightest boards on the 2023 Compact & lightweight ISUP test, and was highly rated by all our testers, so was a good board choice when holiday luggage space and weight limited. Leigh shows just how compact SUPs make holidaying with a SUP possible allowing you to escape the holiday crowds and explore those hidden beaches.
Watch the full video to find out more about the Kokopelli and the benefit of compact iSUPs.

Check out the 2023 Compact & lightweight ISUP SUPboarder Pro TEST to find out about other great compact iSUPs on the market.

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jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
1 month ago

fantastic review, using the board for what it’s designed for like this really gives more depth 🙂

Gemma Glover
1 month ago

Great review Leigh – looks absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing! Just out of interest did you have to pay for extra baggage for your trip?

Leigh Boxall
Leigh Boxall
20 days ago
Reply to  Gemma Glover

Hi Gemma, It was such an awesome addition to our family holiday, not sure we can ever go away again without taking a board with us!
For the 3 of us, we took 2 large rucksacks that went in the hold and a small cabin rucksack each. We got the board, paddle fin etc…. all in one rucksack and there was still plenty of space for clothes. I think both rucksacks weighed about 15kg, easyJet have a 15kg or 23kg hold option, we’d gone with 23kg but commented we should have just done the 15kg.

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