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2023 ICF SUP World Championships – Results

The 2023 ICF SUP World Championships wrapped up over the weekend in Pattaya, Thailand, crowning world champions across the SUP race disciplines of Sprint, Distance and Technical. Read on for the results.


Frenchman Noic Garioud won his second sprint title, American Seychelle Webster her first, and there was a first ever world championship gold for Indonesia among the highlights of an action-packed ICF stand up paddling world titles in Pattaya, Thailand, on Thursday.

Two years after he wrested the ICF SUP sprint world title crown off American Connor Baxter in Hungary for the first time, Noic Garrioud was back on top of the podium again in Pattaya on Thursday, once again turning the tables on the American.

“I definitely wanted that title so bad, to be honest I don’t remember much of the final,” Garioud said.

American Seychelle Webster was making her ICF world titles debut in Thailand, after taking two years off from the sport for the birth of her first child. She won an ICF world cup gold in Florida earlier this year, and then carried that form into Thursday’s final.

She said it was never certain she would return to top level racing after she took her break.

“Yes, but there were moments, no. But I know that this is my calling, this is where I am meant to be. This is what I can’t not do, this is where I feel exactly I have to be, paddling and sharing this sport and this life with the world.”

Indonesia’s Arip Purnama made ICF SUP history, winning his country’s first ever world title at any level by taking out the junior men’s final. The 17-year-old started from lane one, took the lead early and defied running down to take an exciting victory.

Greece picked up two gold medals, with Kyriaki Logotheti snatching a last-gasp victory in the women’s junior final, and Penny Tsaoutou taking the women’s 50 plus crown.

Germany’s Peter Weidert defended the men’s 50 plus world title he won last year, adding to the 40 plus title he already has in his keeping. he posted one of the most convincing wins of the day. In the men’s 40 plus final it was Slovakia’s Tomas Lelovits who was crowned champion.



  1. WEBSTER Seychelle (USA)
  2. DUHAIME Juliette (ARG)
  3. KING Tarryn (RSA)


  1. GARIOUD Noic (FRA)
  2. BAXTER Connor (USA)
  3. KRAYTOR Andrii (BUL)


  1. LOGOTHETI Kyriaki (GRE)
  2. PAMPINELLA Cecilia (ITA)
  3. PINTERIC Naja (SLO)


  1. PURNAMA Arip  (INA)
  2. GARIOUD Vaic          (FRA)
  3. VOULGARIS Andreas (GRE)

WOMEN’S 40 +

  1. MERKULOVA Olga  (ICF)
  2. VAN MASLEN Petronella (NED)
  3. YOKOYAMA Takayo (JPN)

MEN’S 40 +

  1. LELOVITS Tomas (SVK)
  3. YOSHIDA Ryohei (JPN)

WOMEN’S 50 +

  1. TSAOUTOU Penny (GRE)
  2. YOUNGMI Kim (KOR)
  3. BERGH Marlene (NZL)

MEN’S 50 +

  1. WEIDERT Peter (GER)
  2. MARINOV Martin (AUS)
  3. CAIN Larry (CAN)


Frenchman Noic Garioud won his second world title in as many days while Spain’s Esperanza Barrera ssuccessfully defended her crown as attention turned to long distance races at the International Canoe Federation Stand Up Paddling championships in Pattaya, Thailand, on Friday.

24 hours after claiming back his men’s sprint crown, Garioud won his first ever men’s long distance title. The paddler from New Caledonia has previously won both the sprint and the technical events at earlier world championships, and was thrilled to break through for his first distance crown at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya.

“I’ve been looking for this, my coach told me I could do it, but I didn’t really believe him because my thing was more sprinting. I felt a bit sore to be honest, and after that race I’m going to be even sorer. The Japanese were pushing really hard so it wasn’t easy to sit in their draft, but I tried to rest as much as possible, even though they didn’t make it easy.

The women’s race quickly developed into a race between four, but Barreras spent most of the 15 kilometres leading the pack. As the group approached final buoy, the Spaniard broke away, leaving her teammate Duna Gordillo and American Kimberly Barnes in her wake.

“Being a world champion two times in a row, I’m really happy but I don’t quite believe it. I was trying to save some energy, but I felt good at the end and I trusted in all the work I had done to get here so I just pushed more and more. I wasn’t going to stop until I got to the finish line, and it worked for me.”

In junior races Vaic Garioud emulated the performance of his older brother by taking the men’s crown, defending the title he won in Poland last year. Japanese pair Shimazu Nariakira and Kotaro Miyahira filled the minor placings.

In the women’s junior race 15-year-old Claudia Postiglione caused a minor boilover by outsprinting her teammate and last year’s champion, Cecilia Pampinella, to take the gold. Hungary’s Csillag Kocsis finished third.

One day after winning his third consecutive men’s 50 plus sprint crown, Germany’s Peter Weidert was celebrating a long distance title. Weidert finished ahead of the Spain’s defending champion, Daniel Parres, with fellow Spaniard Marc Foraster third.

The men’s 40 plus title went to Dutchman Joep Van Bakel, ahead of Greece’s Georgios Fragkos and Canada’s Tommy Buday.

It was a double celebration for the Dutch, with Petronella Van Maslen taking the gold in the women’s 40 plus ahead of Japan’s Takayo Yokoyama and Germany’s Susanne Lier.

Great Britain’s Marie Buchanan won the women’s 50 plus, adding to the 40 plus title she won in Poland last year. Italy’s Anna Occhiogrosso finished second and Greece’s Penny Tsaoutou third.

In the inflatable races Australia’s Michael Booth defended the title he won 12 months earlier in the men, while in the women’s competition the gold went to Korea’s Su Jeong Lim.



  1. GARIOUD Noic (FRA) 01:29:36.17
  2. ARAKI Shuri (JPN) 01:29:36.83
  3. TAGUCHI Rai (JPN) 01:29:38.37


  1. BARRERAS Esperanza (ESP) 01:43:44.57
  2. BARNES Kimberly (USA) 01:43:58.26
  3. GORDILLO Duna (ESP)  01:44:06.68


  1. GARIOUD Vaic       (FRA) 01:02:02.63
  2. NARIAKIRA Shimazu (JPN) 01:02:38.68
  3. MIYAHIRA Kotaro (JPN) 01:03:37.14


  1. POSTIGLIONE Claudia (ITA) 01:12:25.61
  2. PAMPINELLA Cecilia (ITA) 01:12:29.42
  3. KOCSIS Csillag (HUN) 01:12:31.62


  1. VAN BAKEL Joep (NED) 01:37:31.89
  2. FRAGKOS Georgios (GRE) 01:37:32.31
  3. BUDAY Tommy (CAN) 01:37:53.11


  1. VAN MASLEN Petronella (NED) 01:54:59.94
  2. YOKOYAMA Takayo (JPN) 01:55:07.62
  3. LIER Susanne (GER) 01:56:52.38


  1. WEIDERT Peter (GER) 01:07:33.63
  2. PARRES Daniel  (ESP) 01:08:08.94
  3. FORASTER Marc (ESP) 01:08:43.57


  1. BUCHANAN Marie (GBR) 01:22:04.87
  2. OCCHIOGROSSO Anna (ITA) 01:27:41.98
  3. TSAOUTOU Penny (GRE) 01:29:30.98


Spain’s Esperanza Barreras won her second world title of the week and American Connor Baxter successfully defended his 2022 technical crown as the International Canoe Federation Stand Up Paddling World Championships came to end in Pattaya, Thailand, on Sunday.


Barreras successfully defended her long distance title on Friday, and then timed her finish to perfection to add the women’s technical gold to her world championship-week collection.

“This was absolutely not on my plans, I came here more focussed on the distance race. But this morning I decided just to give it my all, this is my final race for the season. I went well with the temperature, and the wind, so I just pushed hard. In the race before I did all the mistakes that I had to do, so I decided not to do too many mistakes on this one.

Lafenetre held on for second, ahead of a fast-finishing Juliette Duhaime of Argentina.

Connor Baxter came to Pattaya determined to defend both his sprint and technical gold medals, but after being beaten by Frenchman Noic Garioud in the sprint, turned his focus to the one kilometre technical race.

“When Noic edged me out, and I barely got to second, it was a little bittersweet, but it really fired me up. When I came into this race I had one thing on my mind, and that was to go for gold. This kind of racing is my bread and jelly, this is what I love. This is technical, this really showcases stand up paddling.

The race opened up for Baxter when Garioud, who was chasing his third title for the week, fell during a frenetic start. A group of three then came together to chase Baxter to the finish, with Peru’s Itzel Delgado eventually taking silver and Spain’s Antonio Morillo the bronze.

In other technical finals, Italy’s Claudia Postiglione won her second junior title of the week by taking out the women’s junior race, while Spain’s Sergio Cantoral successfully defended his men’s junior crown.

In the women’s 40-plus division Dutch paddler Petronella Van Malsen also picked up her second gold of the week, to add to the long distance crown she won on Friday, while Japan’s Ryohei Yoshida gave a brave front-running display to take the men’s 40-plus.

Marie Buchanan was another athlete to finish the week with two world titles. On Sunday the British paddler added the technical gold to the long distance crown she won on Friday in the women’s 50-plus.

In the men’s 50-plus, Spaniard Daniel Parres ended the triple-crown hopes of German Peter Weidert, successfully defending the technical gold he won in Poland last year.



  1. BAXTER Connor  (USA) 5:57.82
  2. DELGADO Itzel    (PER) 6:01.11
  3. MORILLO Antonio (ESP) 6:02.05


  1. BARRERAS Esperanza (ESP) 6:45.96
  2. LAFENETRE Melanie (FRA) 6:49.11
  3. DUHAIME Juliette (ARG) 6:49.38


  1. CANTORAL Sergio (ESP) 6:21.04
  2. GARIOUD Vaic (FRA) 6:29.28
  3. NARIAKIRA Shimazu (JPN) 6:32.68


  1. POSTIGLIONE Claudia (ITA) 7:08.36
  2. KOCSIS Csillag (HUN) 7:16.84
  3. DAVIS Rosara (NZL) 7:23.93


  1. YOSHIDA Ryohei (JPN) 6:24.06
  2. FRAGKOS Georgios (GRE) 6:28.96
  3. TAUCHER Christian (AUT) 6:32.83


  1. VAN MALSEN Petronella (NED) 7:29.65
  2. LIER Susanne (GER) 7:46.23
  3. THOMAS Verity (GBR) 8:00.10


  1. PARRES Daniel (ESP) 6:28.89
  2. WEIDERT Peter (GER) 6:33.55
  3. FORASTER Marc (ESP) 6:40.59


  1. BUCHANAN Marie (GBR) 7:40.66
  2. BERGH Marlene (NZL) 7:55.31
  3. TRDLOVA Katerina (CZE) 8:16.15
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